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Highest ROI in Digital Marketing

Email Marketing and The Success of Your Business

Email marketing has three main aims: increase brand awareness, re-engage subscribers/customers, and customer retention. You may be already familiar with these three conversion-driven actions and you may also be well aware of their importance in the success of your business. Email marketing may not be the first thing on your mind when you hear these things. You have probably used different marketing strategies with varying levels of success. But what if there is one high-performing marketing strategy that you are missing out from?

More Email Marketing Services:

Email marketing

Our Email Marketing Process:

  1. Research and insights
  2. Lead generation
  3. CRM integration
  4. List segmentation
  5. Content development
  6. Email design
  7. Spam testing
  8. CAN-SPAM compliance audit
  9. Sending campaigns
  10. Tracking and Marketing Automation
  11. Retargeting – email and PPC ads
  12. Measurement and Optimization

Email marketing with Marketing Automation is the best marketing strategy for not only brand awareness, re-engagement, and retention but also increase sales conversions and ROI.

Top Concepts to elevate your next Email Marketing Campaign
Here are the reasons why email marketing is so effective:

Email is Universal

Almost everyone uses email. Currently, there are around 240 million email users in the US. This is projected to increase to more than 250 million by 2020. These numbers are important since according to a survey, sending or reading email is the number one online activities of adult internet users. This accounts for 85% of respondents. Another survey indicates that 78% of teenagers use email as a part of their daily lives. Overall, 99% of email users in the US check their email up to 20 times a day.


Email is Easy

It’s one of the easiest ways to reach and engage potential customers. The delivery rate for email is very high – about 98.3% (overall). In comparison, social media provides limited reach to existing followers. Even perfectly timed posts and private messages won’t achieve the same delivery rate as emails. Email is also the preferred channel for promotional messages (77%).


Email is Economical

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to boost your store and/or website traffic. Newsletters are not only limited to digital traffic. It can also drive in-store traffic through the in-store event and offer announcements. One of the best uses of email marketing is building brand awareness. Email marketing bolsters long-term relationships between brands and customers without costing a lot of resources.


Email is Effective

It’s the most effective digital marketing strategy. Email’s ROI is $40 per $1 spent (3800%). Trailing behind that is SEO with an ROI of $22.24 per $1 spent, internet display with $19.72, and keyword ads with $17.

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Emails Drive Sales

Emails drive more sales conversions. On average, email receives an open rate of 21.80% and a click-through rate of 2.78%. Shopping cart abandonment emails have the highest open rate (46.6%), click-through rate (28.7%) and conversion rate (5%). This is impressive since this conversion rate is higher than marketing channels like search and social.


Emails Generate Leads

Different businesses across unrelated industries have different priorities. It is agreed, though that lead generation (29%) is email marketing’s top benefit. This is followed by improved conversion rates (17%), identification of quality leads (17%), and improved sales (15%).

What Professional Email Marketing Management Services Can do for You

Even with a simple goal, launching an email marketing campaign isn’t as straightforward as you think. There’s a lot that goes into every campaign and managing a campaign is a continuous process. Aside from the obvious benefit of having experts on your team, email marketing management services bring more on the table than you think.

Email marketing agencies will have people working on specific tasks, enabling them to focus on providing the best possible solutions for clients.

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Email Marketing Services Frees Up Internal Resources

It takes a team to make an email marketing campaign running. There are a lot of tasks to focus on – tasks that require specific skills that not one person can just have. It’s not enough for one person in the team to be knowledgeable in email marketing. There are a lot of things to consider including:

  • Automation
  • Responsive email design
  • Email segmentation and personalization
  • Email subject line and copy
  • List size and quality
  • Offer value proposition
  • Landing pages
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We Specialize in Email Marketing

Email marketing requires someone that has in-depth knowledge of both its technical and strategical requirements. Most of the time, even knowledge isn’t enough, one needs to have experience in a specific type of marketing to almost instinctively know how campaigns work, what makes them work, why they work, when they work, and where they work.

Even agencies that don’t specialize in email marketing has a team of experts that have several years’ worth of experience in the industry. Hiring someone with the same experience and expertise is expensive and you can have their services for lesser than a thousand dollars a month.

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Email Marketing Experts Can Take Your Campaigns to New Heights

Outsourcing your email marketing management is convenient in more ways than you can expect. Aside from doing everything, email management agencies also offer additional services to complete the package. This could be in the form of proprietary tools, new strategies, or flexible solutions.

You will have more time to focus on the results rather than making the campaign work according to your goals. Analytics on its own can provide insightful information but it cannot measure up to the expert opinion and advice.

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What Lounge Lizard Can Provide for Your Business


Expert know-how and adequate resources on marketing funnels. We can build an email marketing campaign scratch, work on on-going and long-term campaigns, and take the campaign to its full potential.

Our team of expert email marketing consultants will use the best strategies that will work for your business. You won’t receive the same results with email marketing tools alone. Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of the nuances, strategies, changes in email marketing.

Email marketing, after all, isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. One needs to have experience in running a business, branding, marketing channels; building, assessing, and managing subscriber lists; and in-depth knowledge of the structure of a marketing campaign.

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You can decide if you want to give us full-management or partial management of your email marketing campaigns. Full management entails the management of all marketing campaigns and all tasks that these campaigns entail. Free up internal resources by allowing us to handle your email marketing campaigns from start to finish or handle specific tasks at any point of the campaign.

Our fully-managed email marketing services include copywriting, email copy and subject line split testing, theme development and setup, email coding, email distribution, sign-up implementation, marketing automation, and email campaign strategy & consulting. With partially-managed campaigns, we only handle email coding, email copy, and subject line split testing, and email distribution.

And when we say that we handle these things, we won’t just hand you in a general template. We will expertly craft an effective personalized email content with brand-focused copywriting, appropriate aesthetics, and a coherent structure that complements the desired subscriber action. The email copy will be effectively and continually tested per campaign.


You will regularly receive accurate and up-to-date performance reports. You will be able to assess each email marketing campaign’s performance through these key performance metrics:

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Unsubscribe rate

These metrics are the basis for ongoing campaign improvements. Email marketing involves continuous testing, monitoring, and adjustments. Results drive us. That’s why we also monitor underlying metrics that may affect these KPI results like list size and list quality.

Our team of experts doesn’t just produce results, they do so while ensuring that they are employing the most effective strategies in the most cost-effective way possible.

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A fully-managed email marketing campaign starts at $300. Every additional feature entails an additional fee added to your total without any hidden charges. These features include:

  • Different email campaign options (segmented campaigns, drip email campaigns, campaigns by email types)
  • Additional emails (low to high volume)
  • Customized design for every email
  • Send to email destination platforms
  • Custom unsubscribe page
  • Custom email address capture
  • Target lists

We will give you the freedom to select any of our flexible email marketing packages that better fits your goals for your business. You will have access custom email marketing campaign solutions that enable you to create effective, relevant, and timely messages for your subscribers.

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Our goal is your success. Email marketing is a powerful strategy to increase your site’s traffic and conversions. But in order for it to become successful, you’ll need a team of experts that will help your endeavors every step of the way.

Lounge Lizard will provide you with the complete email marketing package – and more. As one of the top digital marketing and web design firms in the country, Lounge Lizard offers solid strategies and customized solutions presented in a creative and innovative approach.

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